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Steps to Perform an EPAct 179D Study


Contact your Tor Energy representative to discuss the specifics of your client’s building(s). Within 24 hours, Tor Energy will provide you with a proposal including a detailed estimate of the expected deduction and the complete cost of conducting the study. We will tell you if the building does not qualify or if conducting a study does not make make economic sense. Upon acceptance of the proposal, depending on your schedule, the on-site survey is typically completed within 5 to 10 days. The final report is generally available 4 weeks after the site visit and provided to you and to your client in digital and hard copy formats.

Tax professionals: Your client may ALREADY qualify for a significant tax deduction based on how and when their building was constructed. 

Did You Know?

EPAct 179D for Tax Professionals – Helping Your Clients.

As a tax professional you may help your commercial building owner, architect, engineer and design clients obtain significant tax savings utilizing Section 179D (EPAct) of the Federal Tax Code. 179D may offer significant tax savings for your clients, who have built or remodeled a commercial building since 2006.


Potentially any building constructed since 2006 and all LEED certified buildings will qualify for a deduction. Qualifying properties must reduce energy use by 50% as compared to a 2001 energy standard. Typically this improvement is easily attained as building components continue to improve and become more energy efficient.

Why Tor Energy?


Experience and knowledge matter. Since 2008 Tor affiliates and engineers have been conducting EPAct 179D studies for satisfied clients nationwide. Our up-to-date tax knowledge, computer modeling capabilities, and construction management expertise ensure each of our clients obtain maximum benefit for each property. Our experience gathering all necessary information and completing all relevant IRS forms guarantees the job is done right the first time and that you receive the deduction that you deserve.


Owning a 100,000SF building may entitle your client to a tax deduction of $180,000.

In order to benefit from 179D tax savings, a business must certify its energy-efficiency via an independent, third-party engineering study.  Tor Energy provides you with a Risk Free Analysis to see if undertaking the study is worthwhile for the building owner.

Tax Savings Components 

Building Envelope

$.60 Square Foot


$.60 Square Foot


$.60 Square Foot

Potential Savings $1.80 per Square Foot of your facility

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